Jorge Naranjo


For Jorge, designing was a form of play from the start. As a kid, he took note of the logos on his father’s brochures for musical instruments and created his own. He knew early on that he wanted art to be a part of his professional life. “I feel very fortunate to do what I do,” he says. “It never feels like work.”

That playfulness comes across in the speed and ease with which Jorge thinks up and executes creative ideas. He’s versatile: he’s worked in-house with creative groups and has experience in magazine publishing, and today runs his own company, developing branding and design for a range of clients. Jorge’s projects include advertorials, sales kits and marketing materials.

He’s especially good at solving problems, and is comfortable in front of clients. He’s skilled at a wide range of media, from print ads, to Web sites, to large scale signage. His client list features names like People Magazine, the Cartoon Network and New York Sports Clubs, and he counts an American Graphic Design Award for his revamp of Princeton Magazine among his honors.

On weekends, you might find him driving his 1968 Mercedes Benz to upstate New York for a hiking trip, or scaling the wall at a local rock-climbing gym.

Jorge has found that to do his best work, he needs to alternate between group collaboration and solitary concentration. He’ll start out with the creative team, then spend time alone, and finally rejoin the team to bring the project to its conclusion.